Should I Practice When I'm Sick?

The worst cold ever. That's what I have been dealing with this week. It has been awful, and after 5 days, I am just barely beginning to feel like it could be over. I missed all of my yoga classes this week because I felt so terrible. I have zero energy, my head is aching and stuffed up, I have a relentless cough and a low grade fever. I haven't felt like eating because I can't taste anything.

So, I started reading about whether or not to do yoga when you're sick. There's tons of advice about this, and it is all over the place. Some say sweat it out. Others say to do gentle poses. Still others have specific poses that are supposed to help with symptoms. I spent half a day reading all of the articles that came up in my searches, and by the end, I didn't really have any definitive advice. So when in doubt, do what feels right for you... but do it at home! DON'T GO TO YOGA CLASS WHEN YOU'RE SICK. You're not being heroic when you go out in public while you're contagious. Stay home, get well, and try not to sneeze on anyone. The last thing you want is to accidentally pass along germs to someone with a compromised immune system. If you're up to it, do a home practice. Listening to your body is always the best advice. That, and some good chicken soup :)

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