Happy New Year!

The new year begins in the winter, during Mother Earth's resting period. Although the new year is usually a time where people are making resolutions and beginning new diets, exercise programs and so on, this is also a time where you can recognize the resting energy of the earth. In keeping with the energy of our planet, you can use this time as a period of reflection and meditation. Just as Mother Earth does, you too can rest your mind and energy to prepare for the renewal of the earth's life force associated with Spring.

So before you rush off to the gym or whatever you are committing to in order to keep your new year's resolution, take a moment to slow down, meditate and reflect on the past year to help form your intention for how you wish to live your life moving forward. And don't spend too much time regretting past actions (or inaction) or worrying about whether you will be able to keep your resolution for this year... after all, the present moment is where we are now, and if you can drop the regret and worry story line that's going on in your head, you can open yourself to experiencing what is happening right now in all of its multifaceted beauty, freshness and wonder.

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